Dogma of Faith of the Templar Church Worldwide.

Christ has called humanity to be perfectly united in love with Him in the fullness of the faith. When humanity responds to GOD through Christ, they become Christians, and now are followers of Christ, which offers humanity a way to be redeemed.


When human we first created on the Earth, humanity, in arrogance and pride, moved in opposition to the will of GOD (to want to be come gods themselves), in this way they violated the relationship that was shared with the Creator. GOD, being governed to not violate the free will of humanity, regretfully watched this action. Humanity had damaged the relationship with GOD, and from that point forward, mankind had fallen, and humanity had a sinful nature to the will of GOD.


However, humanity would not remain fallen forever. A man, known as Jesvs Christ, was born in Judea, through the Holy Spirit of GOD. Jesvs was being implanted as a human child in the womb of Mary, and preached, taught, and did many wonderful miracles throughout Judea. Christ was crucified by the jews and was buried as a result. Three days He had remained dead, on the third, he was raised to life by GOD the father, and by that virtue, restored humanity’s relationship with the Creator. Christ is GOD's Son, and through the will of His Father, gave atonement for the disobedience and opposition of humanity to the will of GOD.


When Christ later ascended to heaven to be with GOD, the Father send his work force upon the hundred and twenty as a sign of His blessing, known to the Church, as the Holy Spirit, to lead and guide faithfull humanity, to become united again with the Father and obey and actively participate in His will.


Soon, Christ will return again to the Earth to punish the evil and disobedient, reward the just, and to make the Earth perfect, a Paradise, again as it was during the time of Adam. The just, they will be rewarded with life, for their work done in the Lord.


At the heart of faith is the reality and hope of salvation in Christ. Christian faith is faith in the redemption revealed through Christ. The tradition has always equated this salvation with the human existence in a eternal life freed from sin, united with the one and only true GOD. This is the non-negotiable item of Christian faith.


Apart from the redeeming aspect of the faith, those who have been called to life, live the life of the faith to save as many others as they can. This means most importantly, to fulfil the Great Commission, that is, to spread the message of redemption and forgiveness to the entire Earth, and to give charity to the disadvantaged and those in poverty, help and assistance to those in need, kindness where ever possible, love to all people, and suffer under evil.