Minister of the Gospel 

A priest leading a templar church congregation is normaly called a "Frato" or "Minister of the Gospel". A frato has to have the age of 21 before (s)he could become a minister and has to already have a basic knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. Then the Frato, will get invited for a 6 month theocratic study, which (s)he must pass before (s)he will get a congregation assigned to him/her.


Fratí can marry, but to stay or become a frato they have to "marry in the Lord" only. (Congregation members are not required to "marry in the Lord" only.) When one becomes a Fratí, one denounces all claim on worldly possesions/wealth and takes up the vow of poverty. This does not mean, (s)he can not posses anything at all [*] and have no money at all [**], but his/her focus is on his duty towards God and the congregation and leads it by a good example. He must have short neat clean combed hair and if wanting a beard a short neat and clean one. She must have long hair (braided is fine).

Gay men and Women (if her head is covered) can hold office in the Templar Church.


[*] His/Her possesion must be able to fit in a chest given to him/her, (his/her clothing of office not included) which has the dimentions of: 131x79x79 cm (the dimension of the arc of the covenant)


[**] A Frato is allowed to own 240 (╬) in whatever form. (His/Her marriage ring not included. This is non taxable) This money maybe transfered as an inheritance to any children (if the frato was married.) This is non taxable inheritance.


Want to become a minister of the gospel? check if you qualify and fill in you aplication here: application