This site is here to demand financial & territorial recompence from the pope, the vatican and the roman catholic church for the treatment our Holy order has recieved at their hands and the hands of murderous and evil king filippe IV.


 We the Kinghts Templar are outraged at the fact that after more then 700 years of passing the pope and by extention the vatican and the catholic church, still have not asked a pardon for their involvement in the atroceties that befel our fellow brothers at the hand of evil king phillipe IV. This leaves an immense stain on the catholic church and the vatican. And it is time the vatican came clean about this.


 To the current pope: publicy accept the knights templar as an official sovereign (Christian*) order again & publicly admit that the same knights templar were innocent of all charges brought up by the torture of the inquisition and evil king philipe IV of france.


 To this effect, this holy order of knight templars, now calls on all templar commanderies, balliwicks, provences, lodges, monestaries, and any and all templar groups and "Brothers in Arms", throughout the world, to contact us by email to the adress below, to arrance for representavies, to meet in due course at a prearranged meeting place, with a view to the renewal of the holy order of the Knight Templar world wide and demand an audition with the current pope to discuss fair financial & territorial recomence for the horrors our holy order suffered at their hands.


* not just catholic, but all christian denominations

and so he will bow again to the templars
and so he will bow again to the templars

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Flag of "the round table of the Knights Templar" ©

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